This congress welcomes the submission of full-length technical papers, which will be peer reviewed and published. ICAPP 2021 will organize a set of specialized technical sessions along the following Tracks that ensured the success of previous ICAPP meetings.


All authors will present their papers in English. About 20 minutes will be allotted for each paper. At least one author is required to register for the congress.

  • All final papers that has been already accepted in 2020, must be re-uploaded in the new template by May 12, 2021 (extended to June 3, 2021) even though you do not have any minor corrections.

  • Anyone who want to participate in the congress can submit a new draft paper by June 3, 2021 without an abstract submission.


   ICAPP 2020 papers with minor 


   May 12, 2021 -> June 3, 2021

   Draft new full papers:

   June 3, 2021

   * No need for abstract submission

   Review notification:  

   July 15, 2021

   Final papers/copyright:  

   August 8, 2021

Author Kit

Khalifa University will not edit or proof read your final paper. Please DO NOT put page numbers on your final paper; we will re-number the entire conference proceedings.

Paper Review outcomes:

  • Accept

  • Accept with minor revisions

  • Accept with major revisions/Reject unless revised

  • Reject

Best Paper Award

Scores given to papers during the review process will be used to choose the finalists.

Paper Review Criteria