Elevator Pitch Contest

Dear contestant,


You have been gathering business intelligence on a NPP-related company (Nuclear Options - NO) that you are targeting for a Joint Venture to develop an idea that you have into a proof-of-principle product. Intelligence indicates that NO’s CEO always attends a business briefing meeting every morning. The trip from her office to the meeting room takes about 8 minutes including an elevator ride. Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to intercept the CEO early in her morning trip and deliver an elevator pitch that would hopefully result in her allowing you to sit down with her finance team to agree on the terms of the new venture.


This is an open format competition (everything goes) and the only restriction is that the product that you are trying to promote is NPP-related.


Please submit a 400-word summary of how you are going to approach this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Please include any details you see necessary for your idea to be shortlisted for a final presentation. A small sub-set of all submitted summaries will go on to be actually pitched in front of general audience (including judges) at ICAPP 2021.  The winner will be announced in a ceremony during the conference.

ICAPP2021_Student Competition.png

Each 10 minutes for each candidate, 8 minutes for the presentation and 2 minutes for Q&A, will be given.

However, the students will be required to join the full competition session and attend the award ceremony afterwards. According to the switch to online congress, complimentary registration will be provided to the students as an award instead of travel stipends.


Submissions due: June 3, 2021

Criteria used to assess the pitch are: creativity/boldness of proposed product, funds needed to prove the concept and eventually develop the final product, expected return on investment (ROI), time to market deployment, impact short and long term, creativity in delivering the pitch, adherence to the pitch time limit.


Eligibility: all students enrolled in a nuclear engineering degree (undergraduate and/or graduate) programs are eligible to participate. Students of non-nuclear engineering programs may participate provided their senior design project/thesis is NPP-related.

Warning: since there will be real-life CEOs and VIPs among the audience, your pitch may actually have a chance to see the light!!

You may have to drop out of school to pursue your dream of becoming the founder of a Fortune 500 company!! You never know!!