Workshop 1
Neutronics Modeling with CASMO, SIMULATE, and GARDEL: Nuclear Fuel Management, Reactivity Management, and Core Monitoring with State-of-the-Art, NQA-1 Engineering Tools
Saturday, October 16 at 13:00-15:40

Summary: Modern nuclear engineering and reactor engineering staff expect State-of-the-Art tools which provide on-demand simulation and information about the core characteristics as new challenges face the global LWR fleet.  Flexible Power Operations, Accident Tolerant Fuels, and new LWRs are all capable of being modeled in the Studsvik Scandpower Core Management System Suite.  This workshop will introduce users to CASMO5 and SIMULATE5 via the Graphical User Interface, CMSBuilder, and build a core model depletion.  That core model depletion will be used in the Reactor Engineering graphical user interface called GARDEL to model reactivity management scenarios such as Flexible Power operations, and other reactivity management activities.

Capacity: Limited seats (30)

Workshop 2
Multi-Scale and Multi-Physics Simulation (MMS) of PWRs using CUPID
Wednesday, October 20 at 11:00-14:00

Summary: The multi-scale analysis, where different length scale codes are used together, can improve the accuracy of current PWR thermal hydraulics analysis which are usually based on the one-dimensional model. High fidelity nuclear reactor simulation also involves multi-physics analysis models of the neutron kinetics, fuel performance, structures, etc. With recent advances in large scale computer simulations, this multi-scale/physics simulation is expected to be used as a practical tool for the next generation safety analysis. This will dramatically improve the prediction accuracy of the convectional safety analysis and could contribute to the enhancement of the advanced PWR safety.

Capacity: No limit for the seat